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S-parameter to SPICE Model Converter

EMtoSPICE™, S-parameter to SPICE Model Converter

EMtoSPICE converts S-parameters to SPICE models with unprecedented accuracy over broadband frequencies at a touch of a button. Using S-parameters, EMtoSPICE allows device simulations in time domain as well as in frequency domain in any SPICE compatible simulator.

S-parameters from Device Manufacturers

Here are links to the S-parameters provided by many device manufacturers.

American Technical Ceramics Corp. - S-parameters of multilayer capacitors, broadband capacitors, broadband multilayer capacitors, and inductors.

AVX Corporation - AVX's S-parameter and SPICE model page. For S-parameters of their RF/mirowave products, click here. For S-parameter library of Tantalum and Nioium Oxide Capacitors, click here.

California Eastern Laboratories - S-parameter files of silicon bipolar transistors and silicon MMIC wideband amplifiers.

Coilcraft® - S-parameter files of RF inductors, power inductors, broadband inductors, spring inductors and LC filters.

Hittite - Hittite's S-parameter support page. To find the links to the S-parameters, click on a product link (part number) or search for a product on their site.

Johanson Technology - S-parameter files of their RF capacitors, RF inductors and other RF components including antennas, baluns, bandpass filters, diplexers, lowpass filters, filter-baluns, and USB filters.

Mini-Circuits® - S-parameters of monolithic amplifiers, fixed attenuators, filters and power splitters. You can view s-parameters as data or graphs, or download s-parameter file.

Modelithics - Modelithics' S-parameter page. S-parameters of attenuators, resistors and inductors. To download S-parameters, registration is required.

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. - S-parameter files of multilayer ceramic capacitor, chip inductors (chip coils) and chip ferrite beads.

Polyfet RF Devices - S-parameter and SPICE model files for Polyfet transistors.

RF Micro Devices® - RFMD online store. When you browse their products, there is often a downloadable s-parameter file for each product under "Related Documents and Files". If an S-parameter file is not available, the datasheet likely contains S-parameter responses.

Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations, Inc. - S-parameters of GaAs FET chips, HEMT chips, low noise HEMTs (C, X/Ku, K-band), low noise & general purpose GaAs FETs, power GaAs FETs, medium and high power GaAs FETs (L-band) and internally matched power FETs.

SHF Communication Technologies - Datasheets for RF products show their S-parameter plots. The products can be browsed under Products. Their RF products include RF broadband amplifiers, RF microwave components, RF connectors and cables.

Taiyo Yuden - S-parameters of ceramic capacitors, inductors, ferrite beads, noise suppression components and multilayer ceramic devices (filters/diplexers/baluns).

TDK - TDK's S-parameter data library page. S-parameters of many TDK parts including chip beads, inductors, multilayer ceramic chip capacitors, bandstop filters, common mode filters, varistors, baluns, pulse transformers, etc.

Teledyne Relays - There are S-parameters of some RF relays in EXCEL file at this link. If it says "Contact Factory", request S-parameters by filling out their form here

Toko - S-parameter files of Toko's multilayer chip inductors.

Toshiba - Choose a product type (GaN JEMTs, X/Ku-band GaAs FETs, L/S-band GaAs FETs, C-band GaAs FETs). S-parameters of some devices are available for download. There are no S-parameters for GaAs MMICs product type.

Vishay - S-parameters of thin film RF capacitors and resistors. S-parameters of high frequency wire bondable RF spiral inductors.

Würth Elektronik - S-parameters of some Würth Elektronik proudcts including baluns, bandpass and lowpass filters, and SMD ferrites.

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