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SPICE Models

Here are the links to the SPICE model download page of many device manufacturers. All the models at these sites are known to be free.

Aeroflex / Metelics - Diode and varacter SPICE models.

Altera® - Transistor and cell library models, I/O buffer circuit models and sample SPICE decks.

Analog Devices - Simulation model page at Analog Devices. Search spice models by their product categories or application.

Apex Microtechnology - SPICE models of Apex Microtechnology power operational and PWM amplifiers.

Avago Technologies - Optocoupler SPICE behavioral macromodels.

AVX Corporation - PSpice models for tantalum and niobium oxide capacitors. S-parameters and a few engineering tools are also available.

California Eastern Laboratories - Non-linear models and ADS design kit for Cel's RF semiconductors

Central Semiconductor Corp. - SPICE models of transistors, current limiting diodes, Schottky diodes and rectifiers, switching diodes, Zener diodes, MOSFETs, JFETs, rectifiers, bridge rectifiers, transient voltage suppressors and multi discrete modules.

Cirrus Logic - SPICE models of Apex power operational amplifiers, PWM amplifiers and voltage references.

Coilcraft® - Coilcraft's S-parameters and SPICE models.

Cordell Audio - SPICE models of all transistors used in the LTSPICE simulations in their book "Designing Audio Power Amplifiers". There are many BJT models. There are also models for JFETs, power MOSFETs, diodes, rectifiers, Zener diodes, LEDs. A single file contains all models.

Diodes - This page contains SPICE models for diodes, rectifiers, bipolar transistors, MOSFETS and relay drivers, etc. If you don't find the SPICE model you need, fill out the SPICE Models Request Form on this page. They may accomodate your request.

Fairchild Semiconductor® - PSPICE models for analog, mixed singal, descrete products. HSPICE models for interface and logic products.

Freescale™ Semiconductor - RF high power models for Agilent EEsof ADS® and Applied Wave Research Microwave™ Office

Infineon Technologies AG - SPICE model page for their semiconductors.

International Rectifier - Their library of SPICE models.

Intersil® - Their SPICE model page.

Intusoft - Intusoft SPICE model page

IXYS - PSPICE models of discrete MOSFETs, RF MOSFETs, discrete IGBTs, gate drivers, fast recovery diodes (discretes & modules), thyristor discretes and HV current regulators.

Linear Technology - Download SwitcherCAD/LTSPICE which includes SPICE models for many of their switching regulators as well as resistors, transistors, MOSFET and more than 200 op amp models.

Littelfuse® - SPICE models of PulseGuard™ ESD suppressors, SIDACtor® protection thyristors, TVS diodes and varistors.

Maxim Integrated Products - SPICE models of analog switches, multiplexers, comparators, current-sense/instrumentation amps, op-amps, LED drivers, timers & counters, storage products, power supplies & battery management, test circuit (.cir) files, etc.

Micrel® - PSPICE model of DC/DC boost switching regulator, pulse-width modulator (PWM) boost regulators, switches, etc.

Microchip Technology - SPICE models of Microchip's operational amplifiers, comparators, MOSFETs, etc.

NXP Semiconductors - SPICE models of logic devices, IC devices, interface devices and integrated passive filter network devices (PEMI family).

ON Semiconductor® - A complete list of models at On Semiconductor. Their model types include SPICE, PSPICE, ISPICE and ORCAD.

Polyfet RF Devices - S-parameter and SPICE model files.

ProTek Devices - ProTeck Devices provides key device parameters for SPICE simulation in PDF files.

Samtec - Electrical models of Samtec's connectors are available at this site as HSPICE, PSPICE, cadence, SPECTRAQuest, Mentor IXC, IBIS V.32 or S-Paramenter.

Supertex - SPICE model for many of their products

Taiyo Yuden - SPICE models of ceramic capacitors, inductors, noise suppression components and multilayer ceramic devices (filters/diplexers/baluns).

Texas Instrument - Texas Instrument's SPICE model resources page. Collection of models for HSPICE, PSpice, TINA-TI and general SPICE.

THAT Corporation - IC device models

Tyco Electronics - Connector models

Vishay - SPICE models of their semiconductor devices such as analog switches and multiplexers, diodes, MOSFETs, power ICs. etc.

Xilinx® - HSPICE and Eldo models for their FPGAs are available here.

Other SPICE Model Links

Christophe Basso's page - Christophe Basso is the author of a book titled "Switch-Mode Power Supply SPICE Simulation Cookbook". On this page, you will find the links to the models and examples shown in his book.

Duncan's Amp Pages - Links to several manufacturer's SPICE model site.

Duncan's Vacuum Tubes Pages - SPICE models of vacuum tubes.

Other SPICE Related Links

YouSpice - SPICE simulation community. You can download free SPICE simulation projects or upload your own SPICE simulation projects to sell, exchange or freely share.

AboutSpice - Lots of information about SPICE including forum/mailing-list discussion, news, models, documentation, software, etc.

Spread Spectrum Scene's SPICE page - Links to SPICE simulators, SPICE models, and SPICE related books.

S-parameter to SPICE Model Converter

EMtoSPICE converts S-parameters to SPICE models with unprecedented accuracy over broadband frequencies at a touch of a button. EMtoSPICE allows SPICE simulation of devices using their S-parameters in time domain as well as in frequency domain.

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